If you know of any other courses with supporting material that use Developing Java Software as the supporting textbook and would like to have a link to the material on this page please email Russel Winder.

Department of Computer Science, UCL

Current Courses

There are currently three courses comprising the introductory and intermediate programming teaching at UCL. The following are links to the material used for the 2005–6 presentations.

COMP1007: Principles of Programming introduces programming to new students in Computer Science. The first half (taught by Graham Roberts) is about imperative (object-oriented) programming and uses Java, the textbook for this is (unsurprisingly) Developing Java Software. The second half is about declarative (logic) programming and uses Prolog.

COMP1008: Object-oriented Programming follows on from COMP1007 and focuses on more sophisticated object-oriented programming using Java. The textbook Developing Java Software is used for this course.

COMP2007: Concurrent Programming is about concurrency and programming concurrent systems. The first part of the course (taught by Graham Roberts) is about the concurrent programming features of Java. The textbook Developing Java Software is used for this part of the course. The second part of the course delves into the darker corners of concurrent programming.

Past Courses

The following are links to material used by students on taught courses that are now no longer running.

COMP1B1a: Programming I
COMP1B1b: Programming II

Up to the end of academic year 2003–4 this pair of courses formed a two-term, first course in programming using Java taught to first year computer science students at UCL by Graham Roberts. The supporting textbook was (of course) Developing Java Software. Because it is not being hosted on it's original server some of the graphics are disrupted and there are some broken links.

Department of Computer Science, KCL

During the period 1997–2001, Russel Winder used Developing Java Software for teaching a second course in Java programming at Department of Computer Science at KCL.

CS1ADS: Algorithms and Data Structures This was a second course in programming using Java; it followed on from the course CS1JAV which was a pre-requisite. This is the material from the supporting website for the 1999–2000 presentation of the course. Because it is not being hosted on it's original server all the pretty formatting will not happen and there may be some broken links.